LWPP Produces New Documentaries:

2018: LWPP Produces New Documentaries: "Symphony of Death" and "War on Memory"

During November 2017, LWPP screened it's second film in the documentary series on demining & post truamatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Libya. "Symphony of Death: A Tale of a City Besieged by Landmines," was screened in a Benghazi event attended by a number of officials and personalities, headed by mayor Abdelrahman al-Abbar. The film was also screened in Tunisia at "The Ham- mamet Conference Series 2017," and in February 2018, at the Aswan Interna- tional Film Festival, with Algerian activist Djamila Bouhired in attendance. In March 2018, LWPP film "War on Memory" was screened during the Swed- ish Institute Alexandria's Cultural Heritage Conference. The film illustrates the waves of aggression Libya is facing against its spiritual and historical sites, resulting from the spread of distorted ideologies.