LWPP Conducts Study: Nation Building & Social Capital in Libya

2016: LWPP Conducts Study: Nation Building & Social Capital in Libya

Recognizing that the current political conflict and stalemate in Libya runs deeper than mere partisan or ideological divide, LWPP took the initiative to conduct the first study of its kind in Libya to address the socio-political root cause of the conflict, that which have been overlooked by the international community's road map for peace in Libya.

Beginning in late 2015, 26 focus groups were organized in cities in the eastern, western and southern regions as well as in Cairo (for expatriates, particularly, supporters of the former regime.) Equally divided between men and women from diverse socio-economic background, including IDPs from Tawergha, the groups 250 participants covered the topics: political participation, civic engagement, honest and trust levels, and national identity.

The results were shared with the first meeting of technical committee of national reconciliation in Libya, the Presidency Council, UNSMIL, and lead international experts held in September 2016.